Sea Captain’s House – a Myrtle Beach tradition perfect for your family

I had the most amazing breakfast I’ve had in at least a year this morning!

Let me preface this review with a little background information. Sea Captain’s House has been a favorite breakfast spot for my family for several years now. My children went to preschool in that part of town and it was the place I’d take my mom when we’d have a morning out together. It was the place I have taken my brother on many occasions when he was visiting.

What screams at you about Sea Captains House is the view.  If you sit in the glass room, you look out over the ocean. If you sit on the porch, your view starts in the dune and creeps over onto the ocean. It’s perfect. And this morning, while gazing into the great Atlantic, I had this moment of, “why don’t I come down here and enjoy this WAY more often?” I felt a little like I was on vacation.

When making plans for this meal, I knew EXACTLY what I was going to order. They have a great breakfast buffet which includes everything from fruit and oatmeal to omelettes. I wanted something different, though. Last time I was there, I had the Seafarer’s omelet and it was awesome. While chatting with the waitress about it, she mentioned something about the Crab Cake Eggs Benedict having a fried green tomato in it. Fried green tomato? That’s not on the menu…I was intrigued.

When it was delivered to me, it looked ridiculously good. The dish is two fried-green tomatoes, topped with two crab cakes, topped with two poached eggs, and topped with hollandaise sauce. It was rich, but not too heavy. It was pricey, but heavenly and I know I’ll have it again.

My friends with me both had the buffet, and as usual, their fruit looked fresh and bright. Their omelettes were stuffed and looked quite yummy.

Our service was nice, the setting of the open-air porch was great, and I left there feeling full and relaxed.  I can’t wait to return.

Sea Captain’s House is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Here is a link to their menu. I’ve had my children with me several times for breakfast. Other friends have taken their children there for dinner. The atmosphere is casual enough for the family and the food is good enough that your meal there makes you feel like you’re having a nice culinary experience.

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