Wear that bathing suit with pride, girl!

baby in suitAre you a size 6? Or maybe something more like a 16? No matter the number on you bathing suit label I’m here to remind you to wear it with pride, girl!

I’ve lived here for years. I’ve never been without a state park pass and spend A LOT of time at the beach. And let me assure you that our area pulls in guys and gals of every shape and size imaginable.

Take a seat in the sand and within an hour you’ll see big ones, small ones, tall ones, petite ones, every age, wearing every kind of suit sold. And here’s the good part…unless you’re 16, a size 0, and doing cartwheels no one seems to notice.

Trust me, ladies. I *get* not feeling thrilled with your body in a bathing suit, but don’t let it interfere with your good time. You can always lose those pounds or tone up, but you can’t get back the here and now and the fun you’ll have with you loved ones at the beach, pool, or water park. Don’t cover up and stay hidden under the umbrella.  Get out and enjoy!  🙂

Photo credit: Flickr

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  1. […] I wrote this awhile ago and it feels like the topic is coming back year after year, but more loudly each time. Let me break it down for anyone who cares to listen. No matter how old or young you are, no matter the shape of your body or weight on the scale, you don’t EARN the right to wear a bathing suit. You’re born with it. […]

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