The Tiny Skirt…er…I mean the Tilted Kilt

During a recent trip to Broadway at the Beach, we found ourselves starving for lunch.  I don’t typically eat there because a lot of restaurants tend to be a bit overpriced.  The whining and distance to our car wore me down, though, and we headed into one of Broadway’s newest – The Tilted Kilt.

I knew nothing about the restaurant other than it served Irish food.  When we walked in, I was greeted by two girls and I asked to look at a menu.  It looked good enough, so we proceeded.

photo by flickr member San Diego Shooter

What’s funny is that the hostess station is tall and solid wood.  It wasn’t until we were being shown back to our table did I begin to realize what I got myself into.  The women at this establishment are dressed scantily.  Like little cleavage enhancing tied tops, and teeny, tiny kilts.  I felt like I was at Hooters, a restaurant my husband swears is “for families”, just with a better theme.  I was unprepared, but we were starving so we stayed the course.

A little more than half of the restaurant is a bar.  As you enter, you walk through it.  On the day we visited, there were a few college football games, so this area was lively.  I don’t know the honest count of televisions in this restaurant, but it has to be well over 50.  They are everywhere!  The only downside to that was the noise level.  Just the volume from the televisions was loud.  Add that to general conversation and hoots and hollers from football fans and you’ll get the idea.  At one point, my older daughter, who was crabby for some reason, sat with her fingers in her ears.

The menu was really big.  Mixed with Irish favorites like corned beef and cabbage are the typical fare of sandwiches and salads.  I had a hard time choosing, and that’s a good sign.  So many things looked delish.  Entrees, sandwiches, and salads ranged from about $10 to $18 each.  I settled on barbeque brisket sliders with chips.  What I didn’t realize until my food came was that those chips were homemade.  Yum!!

Hubby got the corned beef and cabbage sandwich and definitely enjoyed it.  My girls got the kids’ chicken finger meal.  One thing to mention is that the chicken had a fishy taste.  I’m thinking they’re fried in the same oil as the fish and chips.  It wasn’t terrible, but definitely there.

Our food, other than the fishy fried chicken, was great.  Our service was fantastic.  While the gals wear tiny clothes, there is absolutely nothing inappropriate for families about their service.  There were no lap dance offers, or “whoops, I dropped my pen” with a bend at the waist to retrieve it.  I’m laughing as I write that, so know I’m trying to be funny, and not disrespectful.  I’m serious when I say our server was genuinely nice and attentive and that seemed to be the case all around us.

The Tilted Kilt had a fun and boisterous environment, and aside from the tiny uniforms, it was good.  To be honest, though.  I’m sure we’ll return at some point, but for now I don’t have a good 8 year-old explanation as to why women dress like that for their job.  No offense ladies.  Everyone looked great and they all made me pine for my twenties.  I pass zero judgement.  Yet while there were families around us, I’m not sure it’s a true family environment.  To be fair though, it’s not like The Tilted Kilt is advertising in Parents magazine or anything.

The Tilted Kilt is a franchise with several locations throughout the US.  Here is a link to their Myrtle Beach site, which includes their menu.  You can also find them on Facebook here.  It looks like they have a full events calendar.

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