Daytrip: Hobcaw Barony Discovery Center in Georgetown

I had the pleasure of visiting the Hobcaw Barony Discovery Center in northern Georgetown with my daughter’s class this week.  Prior to the permission slip coming home, I hadn’t ever heard of it.  But hey, riding a bus full of excited kids to a destination unknown sounds like fun, right?  I can sometimes be an adventurous gal, so I was game.  And I’m thankful I had the opportunity to go.

After having a look at their website, it doesn’t appear that the center is open to the general public.  They operate on a guided tour schedule for groups, covering a wide range of topics for varying lengths of time.  You can find program descriptions here.  There are loads of choices and would be great for scouting, school, church, and social groups of all ages.

Here are the highlights of my day in photos.  Enjoy!

To see more pictures, check out the Hobcaw Barony photo album on my Facebook page.   For more information about a day at Hobcaw Barony, you can visit their site here.  You can also find them on Facebook here.

Our visit was short and mostly indoors. I would have loved to have more time, especially out on the grounds.  Maybe another day soon!

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