We spooked it up at Willow Tree RV Resort

Last weekend my family and I made our annual pilgrimage to Longs, SC, which is about 40 minutes away, just west of North Myrtle Beach.  As I’ve mentioned, we’re avid RVers and Willow Tree RV Resort hosts two Halloween-themed weekends a year.  We can’t get enough and before I begin, we already have our reservations for next year.  And before you think to yourself, “We don’t have an RV so this doesn’t pertain to me, ” – they have cabins.

When we arrived on Friday afternoon, we checked-in, got all entered in a few contests and set up our equipment.  We then proceeded to plan our attack.  How would we design the pumpkin to win the pumpkin carving contest?  We did a trial run with hairstyles that would enhance my daughters’ Halloween costumes for the costume contest.  We got our candy in the bowl for trick-or-treating, hung the lights for the site decorating competition, and roasted a marshmallow or two.  We were “camping” after all.  I put it in quotes because we’re in a 31 foot climate controlled environment with a full bathroom, full kitchen, and three cable hookups.  It’s hardly roughing it.

On Saturday morning, our first event, the pet costume contest, was at 10:30.  Our sweet old lady dog is too elderly to come with us.  Though even in her younger days, she wouldn’t have tolerated a costume, so I’m not sure that one was ever in the cards for us.  We were always destined to be in the audience and we were.

The skeleton costume was popular in the dog world, this year.  We had three.  Then there was a sweet little old cowboy, a princess, a pumpkin dog, and a cute reindeer whose costume kept covering his eyes.  We shouldn’t have laughed, but it was so adorable!

At 12:30 we brought our pumpkin over to the back porch of the banquet hall for the carving contest.  Our design was fully developed by our 8 and 6 year-olds.  Dad did some carving, but he merely acted as an assistant.  We didn’t ultimately win, but I was so proud.  I wish it would last until Halloween.

In the afternoon, we got to take a nice, long walk around the lake at Willow Tree.  The leaves are just beginning to turn.  There are lots of benches and picnic tables along the way for breaks.

At 4:30 we headed out trick-or-treating, and to look at all of the crazy site decorations.  RVers know how to do it right, folks.  Inflatables, displays, sound effects, it was all so great.

At 6:00 p.m. we did the costume contest.  For the third year, I wished I had worn a costume.  Mark my words…when I do, it’s going to be something big – like Glinda the Witch of the North.  And not one of those packaged costumes, I want a HUGE skirt.  😀

So anyway, the variety of costumes was great.  The theme I saw was that they, as well as decorations, were a lot scarier and more gory this year than in years past.  Lots of blood, guts and scary clowns.  My absolute favorite, though, was Little Bo Peep, who was about 4 years-old, with two sheep, who were her baby twin siblings.  The sheep kept trying to crawl away.  It was adorable!  I also loved the guy who dressed up like a bowl of macaroni and cheese.

That evening, there were a few choices.  You could take their super, spooky, haunted hayride, go to the bonfire on the beach, or watch Spooky Buddies in the banquet hall.  And when I say “super, spooky, haunted” I mean it.  I went on it two years ago and it scared the bejeepers out of us.  Last year there was a warning that it wasn’t for small children.  We chose not to partake and the reports from hayriders confirmed that it was, indeed, very frightening.  The same warning was on this year’s ride, so, again, we chose the bonfire on the beach…from which we could hear the spooky music, screams, and booms from the woods where the hayride took place.  What I loved, though, is that the screening of Spooky Buddies and the bonfire gave every age an option.

As usual, packing up on Sunday morning was sad.  I have my fingers crossed that the Monday in October the Horry County School system has off coincides with one of the 2012 Halloween weekends.  They are October 20th and 27th.  It would make me beyond happy to stay another day!

Willow Tree RV Resort, we love you.  I beg of you, if you have additional themed weekends, please let me know.  I, and my family, will be there.

You can find them online here.  You can also find them on Facebook here.  For more photos from our weekend, check out my Facebook page.

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