5 tips for enjoying Disney World with your young children

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Disney World is a very popular destination for many Myrtle Beach families.  To read our ongoing series of articles on traveling to Disney World with your family, click here.

1.  Don’t listen to folks when they give you something along the lines of, “Your little one is too small to even remember anything.  Wait until they’re five.”  Both of my children went at 13 months and loved it.  There’s so much to see and do.  While the experience is different with an older child, all ages have their pros and cons.  If you have a baby or toddler and want to go now, go.  My only hesitation in making that recommendation is for parents with children under about 9 months.  For your convenience in restaurants, you want a kiddo who is confidently sitting upright in a high chair.  Other than that, any age is a good age.

2.  Kids, at about the age of 2, often are afraid of the characters.  Do yourself a huge favor and don’t push it for the picture.  The photo will be filled with tears and frustration…nothing you’ll want to frame anyway.

3.   Don’t force kids to go on rides they’re freaking out about.  Struggling with a kid who is afraid will make you nuts and drive everyone around you crazy, as well.  The aftermath will be a kid who doesn’t trust what you say about any ride.  Missing out on one ride isn’t nearly as bad as pretty much missing out on them all.

4.  At about 3:30, pause for a moment and you’ll see kids and parents melting down all around you.  When you feel your little one waning and your patience dwindling, grab a table and eat lunch, get an ice cream, or pull out the healthy snack you stowed away in your bag.  Take a nice, long break.  Everyone needs one.

5.  If your toddler, preschooler, or young big kid is agreeable to touring the parks in a stroller, capitalize.  At home, my children stopped using one at about the age of three.  At Disney World, the older one’s last use was at the age of seven.  Shocking, I know.  But just hear me out.  A stroller holds your stuff, helps your little one conserve energy when walking long distances, and provides a place for a nap for younger kids and downtime for older ones.  If you’ve gotten rid of your strollers, no biggie.  Rent one, either at the parks (not very comfortable) or from one of the companies such as Orlando Stroller Rental.

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