A shout-out to the Claire Chapin Epps Family YMCA swim program

14241_195771020764_195543125764_3249719_205356_nI want to spend a few minutes totally gushing about the awesome swim lesson experience we’ve had at the Claire Chapin Epps Family YMCA.

We’ve done various types of levels at other places.  And while we’ve had positive experiences, I can’t say they were terribly successful.  That may have been because my children were younger, thus had a lower attention span and physical capabilities.  My suspicion is that the class size was a problem.  One of my children is on the shy side.  When the swim teacher would ask each child to demonstrate the skill being taught, this little girl would hold back and maybe half do it.  It was incredibly frustrating!  But alas, the teacher would have to move on because there were six other kids in the class and they needed her attention too.  The result was a child who had very little confidence in the water.

This is all important because towards the end of last swim season we had something scary happen.  We were at the pool with lots of friends and children.  I was watching and chatting and chatting and watching.  Despite the watching, I missed my own children getting in water above her head and a moment or two when she was in trouble.

Fast-forward to when this all came into view and I internally FREAKED OUT.  This is my baby.  I was watching her.  How could this happen?  The bottom line is that it can, hence my insistence that we solve this “water insecurity” issue, stat.

A friend of mine had her two children in a semi-private swim class and we got to talking.  This sounded pretty good.  One instructor for my two children would eliminate the possibility that my little one could shy out.  Plus, the likelihood of chances my girls would actually learn to swim shoots up with all of this attention.  As long as it wasn’t that expensive, I was in.

Here’s the short version.  $140something total for my two children, for six 30-minute sessions.  Totally doable since other six-week programs have run me right about that much and the class sizes were larger.  The result is two kids who can absolutely swim.  Our coach (Brittany) has been fantastic.  She’s knowledgeable, effective, enthusiastic, and encouraging.  We’re getting exactly what I hoped for out of these classes and I couldn’t be more pleased – and thankful!

To top it off, the Claire Chapin Epps Family YMCA is gorgeous.  It’s only been open a few years, but it looks brand new.  The locker rooms and bathrooms are always very clean.  The whole place looks shiny and has tons of light.  If it wasn’t so far from our home, I’d break my very long streak of non-gym-membership.  One thing I love is the zero-entry pool.  If that had been available when my girls were smaller, we would have been there every darn day!  It’s perfect for toddlers!

If you have questions about anything going on at the YMCA, give them a call at (843) 449-9622.  You can also connect with them on Facebook here.

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  1. Brittany Howard says:

    Thanks so much for the recognition I really appreciate it! I greatly enjoyed working with them and hope to see them keep progressing in the future. I wish you and your family a wonderful summer!

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