Renovations at the Children’s Museum of South Carolina and a free upcoming event

photo by Joe Falcone

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The Children’s Museum of South Carolina (CMSC) had their Grand Reopening on May 22, 2012.  Melanie McMurrain, General Manager, spent the better part of each day during their recent renovations working with her staff to redo and reorganize the exhibits to improve the flow and make room for more activities.

All of the exhibits received a facelift with new paint and the flow was changed so that each room now has activities for older and younger children and moms and dads do not have to be in more than one place at a time.

Many of the exhibits were also changed to increase the educational value.  One example is the Discovery Lab.  It was once filled with live animals and animal specimens is now an exhibit called Wild About Plants, in which children learn about healthy eating in a “Farm-to-Table” exhibit that shows how much of the food we eat is actually derived from plants.  Further it showcases how wood is used to build furniture and toys, how plants are used to make medicines and how the clothing and manufacturing industry depends upon plants

Another noteworthy mention is the newly acquired the Sock Hockey Arena, which is made from actual professional synthetic ice that children in socks can slide and skate, keep score and challenge their friends and family members.  This exhibit was meant to be a seasonal exhibit; however the reaction of the families and children earned it a permanent home year-round.  Remember to bring your socks!

If you notice some missing ceiling tiles, CMSC is also promoting the Little Michelangelo’s Fundraiser.  Each family who makes a $10 donation will have the opportunity to paint a ceiling tile that will be installed in your family’s favorite exhibit area for years to come and for all to see!

To learn more about the updated and traveling exhibits and see additional photos from the Grand Reopening, check out this post on

Editor’s note – The Children’s Museum of South Carolina is hosting “Night at the Museum” tomorrow, Monday, June 4, 2012.  The event goes from 5 to 8 p.m. with a ribbon-cutting ceremony at 5:30.  Admission is free and there will be refreshments, inflatables, and special guests.  Also $15 off an annual membership will be offered!  If you’re excited to see the changes at the Children’s Museum of South Carolina, here’s your chance!  For the latest, connect with them on Facebook and Twitter.  See you at the Night at the Museum!  ~melissa

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