The LEGO Brickation exhibit provides free fun at Broadway at the Beach and a giveaway!

Broadway at the Beach in Myrtle Beach has a new visiting exhibit and it’s designed to bring out the LEGO maniac in any visitor.  And just to get you excited, we’ve got a little giveaway, so keep reading!

As you’d expect, the exhibit is filled with LEGO creations that have you staring in wonderment of how they were made.  It’s also got opportunities for children of all ages to enjoy the fun of building and channel their inner architect, artist, or designer.

For the smallest visitors, there’s a “ship” that has a soft play mat as a floor and Duplo blocks all around it at just the right height for little hands to click the largest blocks together.  The area around it is large so parents can easily stand nearby to help, when needed.

In another area, visitors are given instructions for a variety of creations, encouraging them to accomplish the task or make something original.  The best parts are the galleries.  When the masterpiece is complete, you can fill out a tag that tells the world your name and where you’re from and it’s displayed proudly with your work in one of the art galleries throughout the exhibit.

For those with a need for speed, the back of the exhibit features a racetrack.  You can build your own LEGO car and race it with others or test it on the ramps.

While you’re in that area, keep your ears open for a LEGO challenge.  While we were there, a staff member asked for participants and challenged the children with questions and time limits.  “If you were stranded on a desert island, what one thing would you want?”  The children then had two minutes to put something together that provided an answer.  Who knew you could build an airplane, glass of lemonade, or log cabin that quickly!  These kids weren’t joking around!

We were at the exhibit for 45 minutes, but if my children had their way, it would have been considerably longer.  Friends of mine with two sons, ages 6 and 8, were there for a solid two hours.

The staff was very friendly and helpful.  The exhibit was bright with light and very colorful.  There were plenty of spots for children to play and there was no shortage of LEGO blocks.  The whole exhibit was very clean and I even spotted hand sanitizer in a few places!

Yes, it’s really made entirely of LEGO brand building block!

The one thing surprise was the lack of a store.  I’ve been to the LEGO store at Downtown Disney and fully expected to be shown the coolest of the cool and end the visit with a merchandising opportunity.  Just to be sure I didn’t miss something, I asked a member of the staff.  “Is there really no store?”  She cheerfully told me, “No, but there are lots of great stores to buy the products in around the area.”  Believe it or not, this is one of the only truly free experiences Broadway at the Beach has to offer.  And it’s the perfect break for a hot day.

Now what was that I said about a giveaway? 

The kind folks with the LEGO Brickation exhibit have compensated me to bring you this information, as well as, provided me with a prize pack to give away to one of my readers!  It contains a LEGO Club Magazine, 10 Bricks to Click (pack of ten bricks with building instructions) and pirate hat.

To enter, just comment on this post (no posts on Facebook or Twitter will count as entries), and tell us what you love about LEGO blocks. One comment will be selected at random as the winner.

To be eligible you can only enter one time and must provide a valid email address (which will not be displayed) so I can contact you if you win.  The contest runs from Monday, June 11, 2012 to noon on Friday, June 15, 2012.

If you win, you’ll be contacted via email on Friday, June 15, 2012.  If you do not respond within 48 hours, another winner will be chosen. The prize will be delivered directly to you from the sponsor.

The LEGO Brickation summer event runs from June 6 through July 17, 2012.  It’s located at 1112 Celebrity Square in Myrtle Beach.  That’s located in the section of shops between Ripley’s Aquarium and Margaritaville.

Want to read more? Check out the latest on the Myrtle Beach for Families blog.


  1. Christine Beattie says:

    Give LEGOS and give the gift of imagination, LEGOS have been in our family for over 25 years! My sons’ #1 request on their Christmas Wish List was LEGOS! Now we are passing down the tradition to the grandkids! They are and will be LEGO kids!

  2. Katie green says:

    My boys just love anything Legos, they can’t get enought and love using their imaginations to make just about anything. Legos will always be a great gift for years to come, one of the only really creative toys out there that don’t need to be “charged” .

  3. Kristin Laviolette says:

    Was delighted when they started making Legos in…’girl colors’!!

  4. If you want to see something awsome and one of the best park for kids – Go to Legoland in Florida – I took my 5 year old grand-daughter and we spent 2 days there and she couldnt get enought – Well either could her…….. The exhibits throughout were done totally out of the legos even a full size SUV and the shows were geared towards the kids and the rides were for all ages and this summer they opened their waterpark.. totally work the trip..

  5. I Love Lego’s Block because I like to see my kids exploring their creativity, They can play with lego’s for hours!I ‘m going to take my 3 years old son and my 5 years old daughter toLEGO Brickation exhibit this week!

  6. We are going at the end of the month. Now I’m looking forward to it even more! I love that there are Legos for every age. Someone told me to spread out a sheet, let the kids play with the Legos on the sheet and then when finished just pick up the sheet by the corners. Easy cleanup.

  7. Cassie challe says:

    My son loves Legos and I love LEGOS, because it’s a fun alternative against the brain drain of Mindcraft! I always thought Myrtle Beach would be perfect for a LEGOS store, too. Hopefully this is some kinda test market thing and a store will be coming soon!

  8. Holly Uzun says:

    We love Legos, I have some from my childhood and my boys are collecting more. I love them because of the unlimited creative potential!

  9. jessica says:

    My boys love legos and were playing legos for hours yesterday. Thank you for sharing that there is an event with legos in our area that does not cost anything the budget is tight and I am always looking activities that they will enjoy! My kids will be very excited to go and thank you for the idea!

  10. Neely Copeland says:

    I love the hours of fun, creativity and entertainment that Lego provides for my son.

  11. Brandi Ballard says:

    Can’t wait to go; my son spends hours on his Lego creations!

  12. I’m so excited to take my 8 yr old twins! Nothing to buy makes this LEGO mom relieved.

  13. How fun!! Glad to hear there is something for the little ones, too!

  14. My 7 year old son is a LEGO fanatic. He is going to love this.

  15. Denise Redman says:

    My son LOVES legos and we are definitely going to stop by the Exhibit! So glad this new attraction is here:)

  16. My son is a huge Lego fan. We must have over 200 mini figs. Legos are always his first choice for a gift or toy. Star wars are still his favorite. The biggest lego set we have built was the starship, lots of pieces but a great family activity.

  17. I love that Legos cross all age and gender boundaries. A big box of Legos can entertain my 3, 8, and 10 year old, boy and girls for hours…together!

  18. lisa starling says:

    We are coming to the beach this weekend !!! My whole familly loves legos and my son can build with legos for hours!!! I love legos because they get kids to use their minds and hands to create instead of staring at tv for hours!!

  19. I love that you can make so many different things with legos. One tub of legos are entertaining to my son and daughter and even me!

  20. I love legos because they are fun and easy to build.

  21. Kelly Lawson says:

    Was excited to see this and I can’t wait to bring my kids. My sons loves coming up with new creations.

  22. Kimberly Moore says:

    So Excited to take our boys ages 11 and 9 this upcoming week to Broadway at the Beach. I’m sure they will be very excited to see the Lego Brickation Exhibit. What a great idea!!! Thank you Lego 🙂 I am sure it will give me a chance to sneak away and leave all the boys with the hubby while I get in some “shopping” !! YAY!!!

  23. My grandson’s love lego’s.. can’t wait until we get back home from vaca to visit broadway at the beach… Love all the little kits and then the kids using their imagination to build things is so amazing what they come up with.. Derek built a 12 passenger limo the other day including the little people

  24. MyrtleBeachforFamilies says:

    The contest is closed. Thank you!

  25. melody hatchett says:

    My kids have played and learned from legos since they were small and still beg for them!!! We love LEGOS!!!

  26. Polly Little says:

    I have a 7 year old girl & 9 year old boy. They love their Legos. Especially ones that are now being made for girls & for boys. The super heroes, the elves, & Lego Friends! Way to go Legoes. Now you are making little girl & boy engineer/ architects! Hooray for you!


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