Locals tip: 4th of July fireworks without the craziness

photo by Flickr user Jason Barnette Photography

I’ve been to several of the fantastic, professional fireworks displays around the Grand Strand and they’re all amazing…with a few exceptions.  The crowds, the traffic, and the close proximity, which is a problem for one child who has some pyrotechnic anxiety.  Here’s how I solve this all.

Park your family on a nice cozy blanket or comfy chair on the beach.  There will be fireworks on the Myrtle Beach Boardwalk, between 2nd and 14th Avenues at Ocean Boulevard.  If you’re a southerner, there will also be a fireworks display at Surfside Drive and Ocean Boulevard, viewable from the beach.  Last, you could head up north and watch them from the beach as they go off at the Cherry Grove pier.  While times are vague, they are generally scheduled for between 9 and 10 p.m.

Getting some distance decreases the noise and concern over something firey touching you.  You also get some personal space between you and your neighbor, a beautiful view of the great Atlantic, and the ability to enjoy inexpensive snacks you packed.  I’m also a fan of these situations that don’t require tons of effort just in case one of the kiddos has a meltdown, doesn’t feel well, or falls asleep.  If I didn’t battle tons of people and spend a ridiculous amount of time finding a spot, I’m a much happier camper should we have to leave before the main event.

The only downsides to this plan are:

1) Lack of pre-show entertainment

2) Lack of a potty

Have a great 4th of July!

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