Restaurant review: The Chive Blossom Cafe

Mr. MyrtleBeachforFamilies and I had the rare occasion to eat out alone and found ourselves in the south, driving aimlessly around Pawleys Island.  A random left turn off Highway 17 landed us in the parking lot of a restaurant I hadn’t heard of and wasn’t sure what I thought from the very modest looks of the outside.  “What the heck,” I shrugged, up for trying something new.

The restaurant was called The Chive Blossom Cafe.  Seconds after entering, it was clear the understated outside appearance was keeping a, what I hoped would be, nice surprise.

The interior decor was casual, but one look at the lunch menu put the word “handcrafted” in my head.  I knew what I wanted the minute I saw it.  The fried green tomato sandwich with avocado, bacon, and pimento cheese was calling me.  The She crab soup was whispering sweet nothings, so I had some of her too.  My better half also got a bowl of She crab soup, and their turkey sandwich that had tomatoes, bacon, and an amazing cheese sauce.

While our wait was a little longer than I expected, the food exceeded my hopes.  Everything was rich and fresh.  The bread on my sandwich was hearty and the tomatoes were thick.  My husband’s portion was huge and he wasn’t able to tackle the whole thing.

The atmosphere was intimate.  Maybe it was my lack of kidlings, but I felt like I wanted to sit there for a really long time and enjoy my meal.  If only it had been a little later.  They had an extensive wine list that had me wishing we hadn’t planned a long beach walk following our lunch.  More than twenty varieties are available by the glass and well over 100 by the bottle.

Both entrees were $12 and the soups were $6.  While I’m certain children could absolutely be accommodated, this felt like a restaurant I wouldn’t take one under the age of about 8 or 10.  All conversations around us were quiet, but I could hear most of them.  I’m not sure other diners would have enjoyed the latest from the elementary school playground during their meal.  Still, our server was so nice and cheerful.  She would have taken care of our children if they were with us.  Perhaps my opinion is that the Chive Blossom Cafe would be better enjoyed without the little ones, but still enjoyable with them.

We can’t wait to return.  The dinner menu is making me drool.  It’ll be hard to make one choice!

To see more photos of the restaurant’s interior, check them out on Facebook.

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