Sea turtle programs at Myrtle Beach State Park!

I’m completely geeking out here, but we just had the best morning ever.  The Myrtle Beach State Park has a plethora of educational programs that will enthrall a child with even the slightest interest in science.  Today we did the Sea Turtle Patrol, meeting Ranger Ann at the pier at 6 a.m., in search for evidence of sea turtle crawls and nests.  Little did we know we were in for quite a surprise!

Let me start by saying that some people make attempts at seeing crawls, nests, and eggs for years with no success.  When Ranger Ann said there had been a crawl in Surfside Beach and the eggs were being relocated to the park this morning, I felt honored.  I documented the experience in photos.  You can see the full set in the Myrtle Beach State Park album on my Facebook page.

About 40 people joined us in this pre-dawn hour.

A beautiful sunrise

A turtle sand sculpture left behind by one of yesterday’s visitors

A bucket full of turtle eggs ready to be renested

Will holds up an egg, which has a leathery shell

One of 91 eggs is sacrificed in the name of the genetic research the park is conducting.

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