The dog trapped in the car was a decoy!

I was going to Old Navy at Coastal Grand Mall yesterday morning when I saw a Myrtle Beach Police car parked, facing Books-A-Million.  It seemed odd to me.  Typically when the police are on the scene, it’s pretty rare they’re perfectly situated in a parking spot.

As I walked by, I did a double take.  There was a dog in the car!  What the heck?!  Do we not hear about pets dying due to heat exposure in cars every year.  I had this moment of, “Should I call the police on the police?” That’s when I realized  that the dog in the driver’s seat was a big, stuffed German Shepherd.  From the rearview mirror was a thermometer, displaying the internal temperature of the car. 

It was 10:18 a.m.  The outdoor temperature was 86 degrees.  Inside the car it was 108 degrees.  While it’s hard to see, the sign says, “Warning, heat kills pets.  Fines up to $1092 and/or 30 days imprisonment”

I was totally duped.  The dog trapped in the car was a decoy – and I was relieved!  I know this isn’t a true “for families” post, but, in my opinion, when you take on the responsibility of a pet, they should be part of your family.  I’m hopeful that passing on this clever awareness campaign from the Myrtle Beach Police Department will help keep pets just a little safer during warm weather days.

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  1. From the rear-view reflection was a heat range gauge, showing the inner heat range of the car.

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