Local’s tip: (Sun)glasses and the sea

photo by flickr user radarxlove

A few years ago I was in Lenscrafters at Coastal Grand Mall and person after person came in, telling a story of losing their glasses in the ocean.  I smirked.  The easy solution here is not to wear them while swimming, right?

Fast forward to this afternoon.  I was enjoying a lovely day at the beach with my family.  The ocean was rough and was wearing my beloved pair of sunglasses that I’ve had for years.  When I bought them, they were pricey.  I remember my husband telling me to just go ahead and spend the money.  Perhaps I would keep them longer than my million other pairs that went missing or got broken.  As crazy as that logic was, it worked.  Until today.  You see where this is going, right?

In a matter of 15 seconds, three huge waves crashed down on me.  When I finally arose, gasping for breath and frantically wiping the hair and salt from my eyes in an attempt to make sure my children hadn’t drown, I realized it.  My sunglasses were gone.  When my daughter saw she said, “Well at least our glasses are together somewhere” as if there’s some big sunglass heaven in the ocean where the glasses she lost a few weeks ago and mine were reunited. 

So here’s a tip from a local.  If you must wear sunglasses (or any glasses) in the ocean, make sure they are cheap and not your favorites.  It took me only hours to get new ones – two pair totaling $10.  I’m sure I will replace my faves with another good pair, but mark my words.  They will not venture into the great blue Atlantic.

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