An update on the License Plate game

Update 8/8/12: In only one month and six days we’ve been able to find 37 states! We’re at a small advantage living in a tourist destination, but still! I thought that was pretty impressive. Have you started license plate hunting yet? Time is running out for this season. 🙂


7/2/12:  One our favorite summer activities is capitalizing on our area’s influx of visitors and playing the license plate game.  That’s where you try to find a license plate from every state in the USA. 

I’ve been bad about keeping a list of all states in the car to check off.  This year I’ve gone high-tech.  There’s an iPhone/iPod/iPad app that keeps track for you.  What’s cool about it is that it not only lists the states but gives you a picture of what the plate looks like.  And if you’re location service is activated, it tells you how far away you are from that state’s capital.

You can find the app in the iTunes store here.  It’s $0.99, but totally worth it!  If you couple this game with one of our other favorites, Stack the States, it’s an educational experience!

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