I need your Elf on the Shelf ideas!

I’m not sure how, but last night during a school fundraiser at Barnes & Noble, I was talked into purchasing an Elf on the Shelf.

Surely you’ve heard of them. They’re all the rage among the elementary and younger crowd.  The story goes that this little elf in a box (choose from a boy or girl with light or dark skin) is sent from the North Pole and is to remain in your house throughout the Christmas season.  Each night she flies back to the North Pole to give a report on the child’s behavior, both good and bad.  The kids can talk to her all they want, but she can’t talk back nor can they touch her for the magic may be negatively affected.

I spend a lot of time on BabyCenter.com, both doing research and writing, and it’s hard to miss the literal hundreds of pictures parents post of the precarious and sometimes humorous predicaments these elves find themselves in their homes. I’ve seen the elves make a huge mess.  I’ve seen them dangling from chandeliers.  A friend of mine’s daughter broke her arm and the elf showed back up the next day with a cast on her arm. I’ve begun to think this holiday visitor is as fun for most moms and dads as it is for the children.

This is why I’m writing – I am not a creative person. I need your help!   If you’ve got an elf on your shelf, please share your ideas for positioning him or her.  You’re welcome to leave a comment here or even post a picture on my Facebook wall.

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  1. We go to Pinterest for ideas! My four teenagers take turns looking up and then duplicating the ideas we find there. Our one rule is NO elf in the bedrooms. Too scary. This year he’s been in the Gingerbread house, found reading a book, been tied up with a shoelace by lego star wars figurines, found stuck in a roll of toilet paper and more! Just look around your house… 🙂

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