How do you feel about changes in Horry County schools safety?

kidsSince the Sandy Hook school shooting tragedy, the changes Horry County schools have started to beef make to up their security are obvious. 

At the school my children attend, there was an armed police officer in the drop-off line the next school morning. There was also new glass installed in the front office with only a hole to hand things and talk through. Add this to the system where you have to relingquish you drivers license to volunteer or have lunch with your child, be “buzzed” into the school building, an official sticker to be worn, and locked exterior doors. I’m a nervous parent, so these things feel right on target to me. But wait, there’s more…

According to this Horry Independent article, new door buzzers and security cameras will be installed as soon as possible, prohibiting entry for any reason without approval. I’m speculating, but I venture to believe in order to volunteer, I will have to buzz, state my purpose, and show my drivers license before being allowed into the school. 

Part of me feels like these changes are necessary to protect the students, teachers, administrators, and staff – and I’m happy to comply. The other part of me feels, especially in elementary school settings, that these measure discourage parents from getting involved at the school.

Parents, how do you feel about these changes?

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