We all love the Children’s Museum of SC, so be part of their future

Unless you’re new to the area or have very young kids, the Children’s Museum has likely been a part of your family’s experience in the Grand Strand. Since 1994 it has provided a rich environment for children, ages two through about eight, to touch, explore, learn, and play at a low cost.

Our first visit was about eight years ago and the most recent was this summer. Some exhibits have been there since the beginning; others have been re-purposed or added. Today it’s filled with all kinds of goodies.

When I visited this week, I saw a new ambulance created to let kids crawl in and out, flash the lights, and get “transported” in the back. I also saw an old favorite – the pizza oven. I can’t tell you why, but my kids always loved that thing! The boat? It’s now a pirate ship! And if you haven’t been there since the big renovation last year, you’re missing out on the bank and weather forecast news station. I totally admit to wanting to sit behind that desk and watch myself on television, telling my fellow Grand Stranders about the sunny weather ahead. I’m also absolutely in love with the handcrafted artisan ceiling tiles throughout the museum, created by children and families last year.

Everyone who walks out of there takes a fond favorite memory. Mine? It’s of my daughter, who was a toddler at the time. sitting on the water-bed, which was a raft at the time, squealing with joy when a little boy would bounce on it, tossing her from side to side. Every family has a mental souvenir from their visit.

The museum is in a constant state of change and the details of their upcoming plans are exciting. I had the chance to sit down with the museum’s Director, Melanie McMurrain this week.

They are embarking upon a major fundraising campaign to bring in as many donations as quickly as possible to put towards a beautiful list of new permanent exhibits. There is even talk of a satelite location opening with about 3000 more square feet of fun.

Imagine your little one playing in a new Farmer’s Market setting. Or how about building in the Construction House? I got a sneak peek at the new “Big Dino Dig” exhibit, which will floor your little paleontologist. None of these, plus more, will be possible, however without a community effort.

The Children’s Museum of South Carolina has been a part of this family’s life and I’ll bet it’s been a part of yours, as well. No matter if your investment is motivated by the amazing new things the museum will offer your child or if you’re simply willing to invest in the museum’s offerings for children yet to visit, your contribution is appreciated.

You can check out the fundraising campaign here, where you can make a secure online donation. There are incentives for those who are able to give more, but it’s important to know that every dollar counts. They all add up!

You can also learn more about the Children’s Museum of South Carolina on their site or keep up with them on Facebook and Twitter.

Below is a slide show of several existing exhibits at the museum. Imagine what more there can be!

Will you help? I am!

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