Ready to send your baby off to kindergarten, Mom? It’s registration time!

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Update: A new class of pre-K, kindergarten and (new) first grade students is getting ready for their first day in the big school! Registration in Horry County is next week, March 18 – 22, 2013. See my tips below for making this process as painless as possible.



Original post, March 7, 2012:   I remember the days well.  With my older child, it was an event.  My mom came and watched the little sister.  I had a file folder filled with documents.  I was nervous.  My daughter was worked up – about what, she had no idea.  I had tissues in my pocket.  With the second child, we waited until the next-to-last day of the week, decided on a whim to go when we did, and forgot two of the necessary documents.  With the first I walked out teary.  With the second, I skipped a little.  What am I talking about?  Kindergarten registration! Just this week, Horry County Schools announced the dates for children development, kindergarten, and first grade registration.  It will run from Monday, March 26, 2012 through Friday, March 30, 2012.  Parents can register their children during normal school hours and must bring a birth certificate, certificate of immunization, proof of residency, and a proof of a physical address. To enter kindergarten, your child has to celebrate his or her fifth birthday on or before September 1, 2012.  They are super strict about this deadline and I’ve heard from many teachers that only rare exceptions are made and are typically for children who celebrate a birthday within a day or two of the cut-off. If this is your year, I have a few tips. 1.  The registration process involves the completion of many, many, MANY forms that ask for detailed information.  While I can’t speak for all schools, ours allows you to pick up that paperwork and return it later in the week.  Do yourself a favor and roll up for it on Tuesday (see tip 2) and return it on Wednesday or Thursday. 2.  Resist the urge to go on Monday, Friday, or lunchtime on any day during registration week.  It’s crowded during these times and that makes it difficult to focus. 3.  If you really want to bring your little one, bring entertainment for him or her. In previous years there has been a second shot at registration late in the summer for those who have recently moved into the area.  If there’s something uncertain about your situation (perhaps you’re considering a move to another district or weighing the options of private v. online v. public school) you may want to hold out. For everything you need to know about registration for children development (pre-K), kindergarten, and first grade, have a look at this article on the Horry County Schools site.  In the meantime, I’ll be busy counting the days until summer break.  🙂

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