The Broadway Speedboat – Go for it, you don’t actually get wet.

Update, 6/11/13 – I had the opportunity to stop by the Speedboat landing this weekend at Broadway at the Beach and there’s been a price increase. Adults are now $17.99 and children are $13.99.


Original post date, 10/6/11 – It’s hard to miss one of Broadway at the Beach’s newest attractions – the Speedboat.  It tears across Lake Broadway, spinning out and tossing its riders from side to side.  It looks a little scary, but it might be a thrill ride right up my alley.

I talked with the gal working at the admission counter for the ride and she shared some information that I’ll pass on to you.

All riders are required to wear a life vest.  While there’s almost zero chance you’ll fall out, even if you did, you’ll be fine.  That is if the giant fish don’t get you.  Just kidding.  They don’t eat people.  I think…

I was assured that the ride is 100% dry.  And as I watched folks go, I would agree.  The price is $14.99 for adults and $11.99 for children.  The ride lasts about seven minutes.  The boat holds eleven people and if you come with a group and fill it, they will give you a discount.  Also, the earlier in the day you come, the more likely you are to get a discount.  We were there at about noon in September on a Saturday and there was no line.  I have, however, seen a crowd over there on an evening in the summer.

I have a video of the speedboat in action on my Facebook page.  You can view it here.  Looks pretty fun!

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