Day 19: A trip

mkI’ve told this story a million times because the question about whether or not to take your child out of school for a vacation (most frequently, a Disney trip). I did so when my older child was in kindergarten and got my wrist severely slapped by our elementary school. It was worth it, though.

While my mom was all for it, I don’t know how we talked my dad into going to Disney World with us, but we did. It was imperative that we go when it was not crowded. Dad required a motorized scooter and had littler endurance, but we all had the best time. The look on his face at the Osborne Family Lights was priceless!

Our trip was in December. In March, just a few months later, he died suddenly, and we were devastated. But there was solace in the fact that we had this special time with him.

I’ve been to Disney World a dozen times and enjoyed every trip with the exception of a portion of the one when I scratched my cornea, my little one puked on a fishing boat, two of us got sick, and it was over 100 degrees for all of our 15 days. I could have done without that one. Still, of the other 11, the trip with my dad was the best. I’m so thankful for it.

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