Days 20 and 21: A project and dessert

I got behind…nothing new. 🙂

blogOn Day 20 I’m supposed to ponder thanks for a project I did. I think I got hung up because I couldn’t come up with anything good. I’m *thee* least crafty person I know. And it’s not even that I’m not talented (I’m not, just for the record) but I also genuinely hate crafting. Every now and then I’ll get inspired to try something. I’ll buy all the stuff, get it set out, start, mess up, and then want to throw it in the trash. I used to try to overcome this phenomena but now I just own it. I’m even a Girl Scout leader and there’s a clear understanding between my co-leader and I – she’s responsible for crafting and I head up logistics.

What’s funny about this topic is that I couldn’t see past something I made or work (which would be boring). It took an extra 24 hours for me to come up with this blog. It’s the little project that could. It was always intended to highlight the awesomeness the Grand Strand has to offer and while it’s not comprehensive, I think I hit that mark. has introduced me to a ton of people and opened loads of doors. While it didn’t turn into this huge site that made me tons of moola in advertisers, I’m still so pleased with it. Now if only I could figure out how to change the title font…

cupcakeFor Day 21 I’m scheduled to write about a dessert I’m thankful for and seriously, where to begin? I could make this 1000 words, but I’ll stick to my top three.

1. Pumpkin pie (appropriate for the season)

2. Red velvet cake and cheesecake (it’s a tie)

3. My mom’s nut cakes. When I was young I hated them, but now I can’t get enough. She only makes them at Christmas and I’m getting the recipe this year.

I think my first New Year’s resolution will be to eat more dessert. I’ll forego all of the junky sweets I eat along the way and save myself for divine specialty/restaurant desserts. Who’s in?

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