Shadrack’s Christmas Wonderland is back for 2013! (Updated)

shadracksUpdate 12/23/13:  I have two quick tips if you’re planning to visit this week or next.

Shadrack’s Christmas Wonderland is located between the 10th Avenue and 21st Avenue of Robert Grissom Parkway. It’s consistently backed up if you’re coming from 21st Avenue but seemingly never backed up from the 10th Avenue direction. If I had known this, I wouldn’t have sat for 20 minutes and instead passed the ballpark, made a u-turn, and been waved in immediately. Learn from my mistake!

Second. stick to the lights. They’re fun and the music is great. The “Santa’s Village” experience is beyond disappointing. There is an extra charge to enter. My family had to use the restroom so we actually were able to peer down on it. It looked like many Christmas trees and yard inflatables. That was it. I know Santa is there, so if you’ve got a little one who desperately wants to chat with him, go for it. Otherwise, skip it.

Speaking of the bathrooms, I had heard that they were atrocious when other moms attended this year. That was the case last night, as well. Many stalls had no toilet paper and there was literal dirt all over the toilets and sinks. Last, there were no paper towels anywhere, and we were there only 40 minutes after they opened. There was no way the dispensers were stocked and they ran out. I’m bringing this up because this is NOT the case during a baseball game. Those bathrooms are always kept very tidy and well-stocked. As a local, this doesn’t dissuade me from attending a Pelicans baseball game during their season because I know there is a dramatic difference in the cleanliness and overall experience. If I was a tourist, however, I’d be put off, which is sad. Our Myrtle Beach Pelicans and their stadium are wonderful and always a good time.

Last, it’s incredibly frustrating that everything is an extra charge. It was $4 to go down an inflatable slide and jump in the bounce house. I believe pony rides were $5. If we had indulged our two children, we would have been out at least another $40 on top of admission. I wish they would sell a “lights-only” pass and an “all-inclusive” pass.

It’s a bummer to have this great experience enjoying the lights and music and have to finish up with Santa’s sad village.


Shadrack’s Christmas Wonderland is back in Myrtle Beach for the 2013 holiday season. Located at Field (Pelican’s Stadium on the corner of 21st Avenue and Robert Grissom Parkway), it includes 1.5 miles of dancing lights, perfectly choreographed to holiday music.

Last year the American Heart Association had discounted tickets. I haven’t heard any word about that this year. Stay tuned for updates. Regular admission is $25.50 per car/mini-van, $40 for an activity van, $50 for a limo (fancy!), and $5 per person on a tour/school bus. You can read and see more on the Shadrack’s site. It opened on November 8th and will run through January 5, 2014.

I’ve visited this attraction twice and really enjoy it. Santa’s Village hasn’t typically impressed me, so I caution dropping a bunch of money it. The lights, however, are great! Here’s a review I wrote, and then updated.

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