The Grand Strand Running Club’s fabulous 5K training program is back in January

Come on. Everyone’s doing it! Seriously, doesn’t it seem like almost every person you ever met and keep up with on Facebook is posting about their upcoming 5K, weekly updates on their training runs, and then those great pre/post-race pictures complete with fun new t-shirts and sometimes a medal? Running a 5K is that new party topic you can’t get away from. I’m not kidding. Go to any holiday soiree this season and just utter the words “5K” and watch people flock. They’re either going to talk to you about splits, shoes, and sweat or how you’re incredible for undertaking such a feat. (Get it? Feat? Feet? I crack myself up.)

So here’s the deal. The Grand Strand Running Club has opened registration for their upcoming 5K training program. It’s 10 weeks of high-quality training for all ages and abilities. In each of the previous sessions there were three groups, based on ability. One started primarily walking, the second was walking and running with an emphasis on running, and the last was a run group. There will be participants of every age, size, and fitness level.

The class starts on Sunday, January 5th at 3 p.m behind the Claire Chapin Epps YMCA in Myrtle Beach. Each week there is a short lecture on a variety of topics from proper shoes to nutrition followed by a workout. During the workouts, certified coaches will be there to both educate and support you. Before I got in on these training classes, I had to trust the person telling me this was a judgment-free situation, but she was right. The focus is on completing a 5K, or improving your time. That’s it. It’s not about running one in 25 minutes, unless that’s your goal, of course. Then they’ll help you do that.

My own running journey has been a work-in-progress, but one thing I’ve learned is to run your own race. I’m working to get better at it and a year ago (A YEAR, people! I have stuck with this for a YEAR!!!!) I couldn’t run comfortably for a minute. It’s sad, but true. Now I’m running two miles without stopping.

If you’re thinking about making an effort to work on your health in the new year, this is the perfect first, supported, step. I can’t recommend this class more. And it’s especially fun when you get a few friends involved.

If you register before December 31st, the fee is $35, which includes a one-year membership to the Grand Strand Running Club (a $20 value) and a t-shirt. If you’re already a member of the club, the fee is $15. The target race is the BFF Pink Ribbon Run on March 8, 2014.

I’ll be there. I’m hoping some friends will join me!

If you have questions, you’re welcome to leave them in the comments and I’m happy to answer them based on my experience. If you’d prefer to email me, I can be reached at Just for fun, here is a link to a post I wrote earlier in the year. I feel like this class was the best thing I did for myself in 2013!

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