Sadly saying goodbye to my girl, Amy Duncan

I’m more devastated about this than I’m letting on, but I’m so sad that Good Luck Charlie is ending. I say it loud and I’ll say it proud…I love Amy Duncan. She’s, by far, my favorite TV mom of all time. Could it be because I constantly relive my high school dancing and acting days? Maybe it could be related to my inability to get this motherhood thing right…ever. Perhaps it’s because I have a tagline for everything. Amy Duncan is my girl. In her honor, here are a few of my favorite clips.

In this one, Amy takes her wicked performances skills to preschool.


And then there’s this one where Amy buys $400 shoes to wear to a party, with the full intention of returning them after.

And last, the one where she kind of loses it due to sleep deprivation.

My favorite clip ever is the one where Amy tells the kids of her days on her community college’s news program where she finished each segment with, “And this is Amy Blankenhooper getting all up in your news.” *snap*

I’ll miss you, Amy. Thank you, Leigh Allyn Baker for playing her so well. Thank you, writers, for putting something together that was fun to watch with my children.

The series finale is on Sunday, February 16th. For my followers, I know this has nothing to do with Myrtle Beach. Thanks for hanging in there with me as I mourn.

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