Let’s phase out some phrases

It’s that time again, kids. There are a few phrases I’m imploring the world to toss. Ready?

1. “Breastfeeding like a champ.”

I read a ton of birth stories and this phrase seems to find its way into many. I’m unaware of any breastfeeding competitions. Who would pit their newborns against each other, anyway? I cringe of how that championship would be judged. Is it a quantity of consumption thing? Or a measure of eagerness to eat? Either way, eww. For those pairs of nursing moms and breastfeeding babies who make it work, congratulations. It’s not always easy to accomplish.

2. “Put my name/business on the map.”

Friends, as long as there is a physical address associated with your business or name, you’re already on the map. Stop waiting for someone to set their GPS to you. Wave ’em in with your awesomeness!

3. “Wow” factor

Maybe I’m watching too many bridal salon shows, but it feels like everyone is looking for this wow factor. Let me clue you in. That wow factor is you. Find fashion that highlights how awesome YOU are.

4. “Super”

I’m guilty of this one but I cringe every time I say it. It was cute when Charlie said it in Twilight in reaction to Bella going to Florida with Edward to see her mom (sorry, there was a marathon of Twilight movies on FX the other day). It almost seemed retro and quirky for a while, but now it’s just annoying.

Have another you’d like to add? Lay it on me. Let me guess, “Lay it on me” is what you want to banish.

Have a new one you’re obsessing over? Share it. I can’t get enough of “awesome sauce” from that dumb Discover card commercial. Just kidding. That commercial is awesome…sauce. I can’t stop myself.

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My name is Melissa Byers and I've been a Grand Strand resident for 13 years. I love living and raising my family here! We're all about the events, activities, discounts, RVing, travel, and crab cakes.

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