MBACC hosts “Money talks” class to help parents teach kids about money management

piggyPlease don’t even get me started about kids not knowing the value of a dollar. Right? I know there are good parents out there teaching their little ones solid financial lessons. I also know there’s this whole generation of “yes” parents who, understandably, want to give their little cherubs everything no matter what it means for their family’s finances. No joke, I was talking to a mom whose child is in a competitive sport. She’s forking over approximately $10,000 a year in training and travel and, in the same breath, telling me she’s having trouble paying her mortgage. Come on! I’m not judging. I’m merely saying there is room for some education here.

That’s why when I saw this free class being offered by the Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce, I freaked out a little. We ALL need to go to this. It’s never to early or late to begin teaching our children lessons that will help them be financially independent adults.

It is this Thursday, June 5th, from noon to 12:45 in the MBACC board room at 1200 N. Oak Street in Myrtle Beach. Registration is required and there is an option to buy lunch. Here is a link with more details. I realize the timing is unfortunate for parents with school-aged children in Horry County as it’s a half-day, but the topic is just so great. Hopefully you can attend!

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