It’s time to hit back at domestic violence in SC

fistIt’s not the norm for me to talk about current events, but this one is nagging me, begging to be written.

A few weeks ago I read an amazing blog post that struck me. Oddly it’s titled “What I really hate about South Carolina.”  Typically it grates my every last nerve to hear someone who isn’t from here talking about how much better it can be. Check that emotion at the door before reading. It’s about domestic violence against women and how it’s given such a low priority by our great state. Check out the stat about animal shelters vs. battered women’s shelters. Shocking, right?

Yesterday I read about Baltimore’s Ray Rice knocking his wife unconscious in an elevator then dragging her body down a hall. I couldn’t bear to watch the brutal video. Today I literally gasped at her response in defense of him. Is it motivated by money? Her own safety? Who knows. I won’t attempt to figure it out. Regardless, this has to stop!

These women are our mothers, aunts, nieces, daughters, neighbors, friends, fellow church members, Girl Scout leaders, room parents, and more. South Carolina ranks second (SECOND!) in the nation in number of women murdered by men. Killed. Gone. That’s totally unacceptable.

Fellow South Carolinaians, we must do better. Please consider lobbying your local Horry County Council, SC House representatives and Senators, Governor Nikki Haley, federal House representatives, and US Senators for increased funding and harsh penalties. Women in abusive situations are relying on the voices of those who can speak loud and clear without intimidation. They need us. Don’t remain silent. Don’t look the other way.

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