Our kid-free cruise on the Disney Wonder (Part 3: Our room and departure day)

This is part four in a series about our Disney Cruise on the Wonder in October 2014. To check out the other posts in this series, click here.

roomWe were in cabin 6640, which was a standard room with a Navigator’s Veranda. Let me tell you three things I loved about it.

1. While our view may not have been as expansive as if we had a standard veranda, I LOVED the Navigator’s veranda. It was an open air balcony with a high railing. It’s silly, but I loved leaning right up on it and not feeling like I could fall. Had we been traveling with our children, I would have felt comfortable with them on it.

We spent so much time on that veranda, staring blankly out at the water, taking in the scenery at ports, and enjoying fresh air during a brief rain shower. We had snacks on it, read books on it, and just kept the doors open while we were in the room. I loved it. The next time I see Kimberly Hill, I’m hugging her because she was right. We enjoyed that veranda far more than I could have ever predicted.

2. The split bathroom was super convenient. One of us could shower while the other did her hair and makeup.

3. The bed was comfy! It might have been two twins converted to a queen/king but I never knew it. I didn’t feel the connector.

After getting all unpacked, we had to participate in our safety drill, which took just a short time. It’s required. Your card is scanned once you get to your assigned station.

When we were dismissed, we headed up onto the decks to get drinks and watch the welcome show that included everyone’s favorite characters. If you’ve ever seen a show in front of the castle at Disney World, it’s similar. It ended with the ship setting sail, which was fun to watch from the bow.

From departure until it was time for dinner, we just hung out. The first show was The Golden Mickeys. While he heard so much about the amazing entertainment on Disney ships we skipped it. We just wanted to relax and we did just that.

Dinner that night was at Parrot Cay, where we met our tablemates and service staff. Our head server was Claudius and he was amazing!

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  1. I am loving this series- living vicariously through you! Sounds like such an amazing trip.

    • Melissa @ MyrtleBeachforFamilies says:

      Thank you! Maybe next time we can go together, Lisa! As I was writing these posts, I started literally pining to plan another trip. I can’t afford it right now, but I am dying to take another!

  2. I’ll be expecting my hug on Monday! xoxoxo

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