7 things you can do to shake off the cold and get ready for summer now

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sandtoyssmall2On one hand it feels like this school year has been never ending and on the other, I can’t believe I’m already thinking about summer. The truth is that it’ll be here before we know and it and three days after school lets out my kids will be telling me they’re bored! That’s why I want to take some time now to get planning and organized.

For the first two things on this list, you NEED to do them right now. If you don’t, the opportunity could be missed.

  1. Summer camp registrations are open. The good ones fill up fast, so talk to your child about what he or she would like to do and book it!
  2. Buy those waterpark season passes now! As we get closer to the summer, the price goes up. Purchase now and you won’t miss a day of the fun!
  3. Planning a vacation? Make decisions about where you want to go, when you want to be there, and how much you’re willing to spend. Popular destinations are filling up and prices are getting ready to soar. Don’t wait! Contact your travel agent or get online now.

The next two are projects. They don’t take very long and won’t cost a ton of money, but you’ll be glad you did them before the weather heats up so you’ll be ready to go when it does!

  1. Stock up on sunscreen now. You know your favorite kinds. Go ahead and add a bottle or two per month while shopping at the grocery store. Then you’ll never be without when it really counts this summer.
  2. While you’re at it, stock up on other summer essentials now. Look for bargain beach towels, snacks for a day at the pool, and craft supplies.
  3. Have a tote bag packed for all occasions. I like to have a pool bag, a beach bag, and a general bag useful for almost any outdoor event. In the beach bag I keep the sand toys, jellyfish sting spray, baby powder, and lip balm. In the pool bag I keep the pool key, goggles, nose plugs, and a few small pool toys. In the outdoor bag I’ve got bug spray and a blanket. In each of them is sunscreen. Having each one packed makes getting out the door easier.

This last one takes some patience. Sometimes the great deals and events aren’t announced until May or early June, but when they are, they often cover the whole summer.

  1. Be on the lookout for free things to do. They’re all over the Grand Strand during the summer. Some require registration. As soon as information on things like free kids movies and free bowling becomes available, they’ll be featured on MyrtleBeachforFamilies.com under #MYRsummerdeals2015.

When you live in a tourist town filled with great, but expensive, things to go, you really need to be savvy when it comes to free/inexpensive/less-crowded opportunities for entertainment.

Summer can’t get here fast enough for me! I can’t wait to get my feet in the sand and a nice, hearty dose of sun and surf. Not much longer, thankfully!

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