Go Ape North Myrtle Beach has you zipping and climbing in the tree tops!

The reviews are in and they’re awesome! Here are just a few words the four of us are using to describe our experience at Go Ape North Myrtle Beach.

Naturey (she’s known to make up words), adventurous, exhilarating, and a rush!

Go Ape North Myrtle Beach

This past weekend my two daughters, husband, and I had the opportunity to experience the Go Ape Zip Line & Treetop Adventure and wow! Located in the North Myrtle Beach Parks & Sports Complex off Robert Edge Parkway, Go Ape North Myrtle Beach is one of the area’s newest attractions and it’s exciting!

You may be familiar with ropes courses. It’s where you strap into a safety harness and traverse obstacles off the ground. I’ve done several and I thought was prepared for Go Ape. “Thought” is the key word. This is a ropes course and so much more, including zip lines and Tarzan swings.

Safety first at Go Ape North Myrtle Beach

When we arrived, we were given a thorough lesson is safety and procedures. Participants wear a harness that’s connected with some heavy-duty carabiners. I won’t try to describe their system because it’s best you hear it directly from the professionals during your training, but their motto is, “Always stay attached.” That means that you’re never free-standing, even if you’re 12 inches off the ground.

Go Ape North Myrtle Beach

Once you’ve been cleared through the training, which includes a low ropes crossing and small zip line, you proceed to the first of three centers, each containing several crossings and a zip line. Your first steps are up a rope ladder, which is its own test of endurance! Then up next is the first of two Tarzan swings. I’ll fully admit to having some trouble with this one because it’s an immediate gut check. Let me share two things about that particular obstacle. 1. It’s over in a literal two seconds before you’re in the cargo net and climbing safety to the platform. 2. The safety personnel are very kind and encouraging when you have a small issue with it. (Thanks, everyone! My level would embarrassment would have been much higher if not for you and your patience.)

This brings me to my next point. Throughout the course are “lifeguards” for lack of a better term. They have walkie-talkies. They’ll answer your questions. They’re looking out for your safety. If you have any issue, they’re there to help.

The course

Through the next centers you’ll be challenged with obstacles of varying levels of difficulty. The good news is that you’ve tested out the fact that your harsh will securely hold you during the training mission, so the fear of falling doesn’t exist. It’s not possible. Now it’s time to take a deep breath, press the pause button, and enjoy the view. There are lovely pines in every direction and a beautiful lake. The property is gorgeous and your vantage point while up on the course is amazing!

The course takes 2-3 hours. We were there for almost three, so if you’re going with kids, it might take a bit longer. Speaking of kids, there are some limitations at the North Myrtle Beach course. The minimum age is 10 and the child must be 4 feet 7 inches. or taller. My younger daughter is 10 years-old, 4 feet 10 inches, and she did well. For the grown-ups, the maximum weight is 285 lbs, depending on the fit of the harness. You learn more about this and so much more in the Go Ape FAQs.

When we finished, I felt so many things. First, what a great time! Second, while doing this course, you’re so focused on balance, strength, and courage that there’s no way you can be preoccupied with work, school, or anything else that’s stressing you. Third, you’ll leave both exhausted and but almost on a runner’s high!

Go Ape North Myrtle Beach

You can do it, even if…

I won’t lie. I’m not the most athletic gal at the beach. Far from it, actually. Regardless, I had this moment of soaring self-esteem at Go Ape. I looked around at the other participants and started to feel slow and self-conscious. That’s when I looked down and saw the other moms – on the ground, taking pictures. No disrespect to them, at all. But I was up there, doing this course, with my kids. It doesn’t matter how fast, or how gracefully. It was happening and we were all having a fantastic time. I’ll never forget that! I don’t think the kids will either.

I know you’ll love Go Ape North Myrtle Beach.

[Editor’s note: This post originally appeared with a giveaway that has expired, though we’re hopeful we can offer another soon!]


You can connect with Go Ape on their website, Facebook, and Twitter. You’ll also want to check out Go Ape North Myrtle Beach on Facebook and Twitter.

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  1. Christine Rockey says:

    I want to go!!! Might have to wait until December when Britt is old enough but I want to go! The one word I would use to describe it would be exciting!

  2. One word to describe: Awesome!

  3. One word: Awesome!!! I would love this for my family. My husband and I zip lined in St Thomas last year and would love for our son to experience this also!

  4. Fun! Wish they included little ones too, but still would be fun.

  5. A-Peel-ing

  6. Awesome!! My son just turned 10 and has been begging me to take him. We would love to win! 🙂

  7. Chloe wanted to do a ropes course/zip line last year and was too small so she would love this! As I started reading, I thought no way would I ever do this! I’m a chicken, but knowing that you did it, had some trouble, made it out alive (haha) and enjoyed it, makes me feel like I can. So my one word is inspired!

  8. Tracy Mooney says:


  9. Ape-licious:):)

  10. Sweet!

  11. Shelley Cox says:


  12. Renee Repik says:


  13. sarah pryor says:

    I’d love to take my son and he’d call it CRAZY! lol

  14. One word, exhilarating! What a fun family adventure!

  15. Joelle Warrick says:

    Apetastic !!!!

  16. Elizabeth Truelock says:


  17. Michele Remillard says:


  18. Stephanie Marlowe says:

    Amazing! Can’t wait to check it out!

  19. Jessica Loudin says:

    My kids would love it!

  20. Ape-ealing!!!!!! lol.

  21. Memorymaker! 😉

  22. Only one word?? It would have to be empowering!!

  23. Tabitha Figueroa says:

    This is an amazing chance for someone!! Good luck everyone!

  24. Adventure!!!

  25. P-henomenal

    T-erribly exciting


    I -ndomitable

  26. Fantabulous!! (I like to make up my own words too!!(

  27. Kelly Wysienski says:


  28. Terrific!

  29. Jay Huggins says:

    I would love to do this with my family!!!

  30. Julia Carmona says:

    ive been dying to go here ever since i saw it was coming to nmb 🙂


  32. Bonding-time-erificable…I’m prone to making up words also! 3 kids who would love the challenge!!!

  33. Stuart Platt says:

    Looking to take my daughter there for her 18th Birthday!

  34. Adventure!!

  35. Sharon miller says:


  36. Melanie Humphries says:

    Uplifting! I might be one of those moms taking pictures from a safe place but would love to think I could conquer my fear of heights and “hang out ” with my family in the tree tops.

  37. Beth Fields says:

    Exhilarating !

  38. Kaitlyn Sanocki says:

    Wild! I could see Parker and Brian swinging from the zip lines now, making Tarzan calls all the way down!

  39. I really want to try this! Looks like so much fun!

  40. Danielle Singer says:

    Adrenalizing!!!! And final in the right place, my comment is.

  41. The one word I would use is: Wondrous!

  42. bananas!

  43. Meredith Eneix says:


  44. Kim Vanderbilt says:

    AWESOME!!! We did this one other time overseas and it was such a family building experience. Would love to do it again now that my kids are bigger and can try some of the areas themselves.

  45. Melissa Rice says:


  46. Donnielle Rosinski says:


  47. Lauren Morris says:


  48. Exhilarating!

  49. Laura Stevens says:

    Crazy!!! (For me at least, I’m scared of heights)

  50. Would love to check it out!

  51. Amazing!

  52. Diane roehr says:

    Funtasticventure!!!! Fun fantastic adventure
    My kids need this… Always so caught up in
    their phones and tablets… Time to lock them
    Gadgets up and let loose!!!!

  53. Monkeybusiness

  54. My little monkey needs to stop climbing my doors, furniture and curtains and go ape!!!

  55. Nichole Evans says:

    Me and my monkey’s would love this for sping break! This looks STUPENDOUS!! 🙂

  56. My husband and son are Boy Scouts and have traveled to many similar courses. They went to Go Ape a few weekends ago and took our daughter too! They had the best time! They said it was a great course!
    I’m always that mom on the ground…but I’m ready to take on the challenge myself!!

  57. Taylor Estes says:


  58. my two girls, me and hubby would looove this. it looks soo awesome , i always wanted to do this !!!!!!! please!!!!


  60. Amanda Fennell says:

    Sounds fun!

  61. Melissa @ MyrtleBeachforFamilies says:

    Thank you for entering! The contest is now closed. A winner will be chosen and contacted shortly!

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