Attraction Review: Medieval Times Myrtle Beach Castle was fantastic!

Medieval Times in Myrtle Beach has been on my to-do list for years. How could I resist horses and knights? What always stopped me, however, was the price. Even when there were locals’ discounts, it felt steep. So imagine my delight when I won tickets.

For quite some time, I’ve liked them on Facebook. You can, too, here. One morning last month they ran a contest where if you interacted with their page, you were entered for two free tickets. Winners would be announced at 2 pm. While I had forgotten about it, I logged back into Facebook at 4:30 and the post announcing the winners was at the top of my feed. I clicked and boom! I won, along with several others. The catch? The tickets were for that night’s show at 6 pm. Man, did I ever feel lucky to be a local. My husband and one daughter had plans, so my younger daughter (age 10) and I headed off to the castle, not quite sure what to expect.

When we arrived, we immediately greeted. The theme of the castle is fun and complete! The employees, from the woman at the ticket book through to our waiter, never broke character.

When we got our free tickets, there was no issue. While waiting for the arena to open before the show, we wandered the gathering hall, looking at items for purchase, and fun things like a throne.

Before entering, guests can enjoy a full bar, for either non- or alcoholic drinks. Upon entering, you’re guided where to sit.

Your ticket includes a full meal, which you are required to eat with your hands! There were no utensil back in the time of yore. The first course was a tomato broth based soup, that you drink from a metal bowl. It was accompanied by garlic toast. The main meal was a large, roasted half-chicken, a roasted potato, and corn on the cob. While the food wasn’t the highlight of the evening, it was certainly filling and tasty. The flaky dough pastry with apple filling for dessert was the best and we really enjoyed it. If we were to go again, I think I’d bring a plastic fork and knife.

Now let’s talk about the entertainment. First, if you’ve got horse or hay allergies, you may want to sit this one out. Otherwise – wow!


During the first half of the show, we meet the characters and the knights play games. In one they attempt to lance a ring while riding at full speed. I wondered if it was all planned, the but looks on their faces told me 1) they were sincerely trying and 2) truly unhappy when they didn’t succeed. The winner of each game was given a rose to throw into the crowd. There was also a very cool bird demonstration.

During the second half, there were jousting duels. To be honest, I was nervous. I love horses. I don’t enjoy watching people get hurt. I saw Full Metal Jousting and I didn’t like it just because of the violence and injury.

As the jousting began, a safety net lowered to protect the guests. I got anxious. The good news is that what ensued was quite theatrical. There were splintered and broken lances. Knights “fell” from horses. Battles fought on horses were taken to the ground. Sparks flew as swords collided. Truly it was fun to watch once I realized no one was getting hurt. To younger views, the choreography wasn’t obvious. It was all very exciting!


All I kept thinking throughout the entire show as how there is something for everyone. I saw dads and kids all around me cheering on their knight and really getting into the action. I saw moms, aunts, grandmas and every other female eyeing up the hunky men on horses. The green and red/yellow knights with their long, flowing hair were hard to ignore. Sorry guys, it’s true.

A side-note is that there are opportunities to buy things everywhere and at all times. If you want to go all out, bring your wallet and go for it! If you’re going in trying to keep it to a minimum, you may want to bring your own lighted toy and princess wear. Otherwise, they have loads of cute options for purchase.

Since seeing the show I keep getting asked one question. “Was it worth the price of admission?” The answer is, without question, yes! Though, if you’re budget conscious, like me, stay tuned to their Special Offers page. There are often discounts available and I’m all about maximizing entertainment dollars.

We had a wonderful time and I can’t wait to take the rest of the family. I went in without zero expectations and left completely impressed!

Have you been to see the Medieval Times Tournament at the Myrtle Beach castle? Share your experience with us!

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