Big city bowling, food, and fun: Our visit to 710 North Myrtle Beach

You’ve been bowling, right? How about had fantastic food? Of course! But what about a spot where these things are combined, plus so much more for the whole family, your best girlfriends, a birthday party, or even corporate event? 710 North Myrtle Beach is all of that and more.

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The 710 North Myrtle Beach vibe

Let me give you some words that hit me when we first walked in. Fun music, great lighting, tons of seating, spacious, smoke-free, and options. I felt like we were really there to have a good time. But I know this family. A few of us (okay, everyone but Dad) are pretty terrible bowlers. Some of us (me) have a good attitude about it. Others (the only two left) tend to get frustrated. We usually have a two game max because of low scores and slumped shoulders, and that’s exactly what I expected today. What we got was totally different. Keep reading!

The bowling is better at 710 North Myrtle Beach

When you think bowling alley let’s think, honestly, about what that means. Usually it’s rented shoes, grimy bowling balls, small and hard plastic chairs, and no food allowed in the lanes. So what the boils down to is that you’re crowded in the seats with your friends and frequently wandering off to have a drink or bite to eat. Some of you want to keep bowling, others don’t, so that last game isn’t very fun. Now erase all of that from your mind.

At 710 North Myrtle Beach the molded plastic seats were replaced with plush, extra-large custom leather sofas. Not only are they comfortable, but they offer you space. Space between those you’re bowling with and space between you and the folks in the lane behind you.

Between the sofas are tables. A table? What? Why? Yeah, because they serve awesome food right there, in the lane.

Bowl a frame, take a bite, bowl a frame, enjoy a drink. It’s beautiful!

Score is automatically kept and the screens have funny little graphics that vary based on how you’re doing.


710 North Myrtle Beach, North Myrtle Beach bowling

The seriously delicious food at 710 North Myrtle Beach

Now let’s think about typical bowling alley fare. Pizza, greasy burgers, and maybe nachos.

Long before the nice folks at 710 North Myrtle Beach asked me to come out, I checked out their menu. I saw words like “dijon aioli” and “balsamic glaze.” My mouth immediately started getting ready for these culinary delights.

Our order wasn’t light – in the quantity, quality, or calories. Life is too short!

We got the Buffalo Chicken Dip, 710 Pretzels, Loaded 710 Fries with gravy and cheddar cheese (at the recommendation of our equally awesome and entertaining server), and Fried Provolone. The ingredients were all fresh and everything was of high, handcrafted quality. Our favorite were the fries. I almost stabbed a child with a fork to get the last few gravy-soaked morsels. Worse, I was only slightly ashamed.

710 North Myrtle Beach, North Myrtle Beach bowling, 710 North Myrtle Beach food

For those wanting a larger meal, they’ve got a menu for that. Gourmet burgers, steaks, desserts, and specialty drinks from the full bar with 16 draft lines and flying bottles will satisfy any craving. Next time I visit, I’m all about the Hangover Burger, which has bacon, egg, and cheese on it.

When chatting with the manager, I got the scoop on the food. As much as possible, it’s scratch-made, fresh, and locally sourced. That means 100% Black Angus sirloin (I literally saw balls of fresh beef ready and waiting to be shaped into your burger). They’re using chicken from Dillon. Chili is prepared daily and simmers in a pot on the back burner. Seriously, is real food prepared by a talented chef who just happens to work in a bowling alley.

The games, oh the games!

After we were done bowling and eating…and eating some more…we headed over to the game pit. In it are ping-pong tables, pool tables, cornhole games, bocce ball, skee ball, air hockey tables, and basketball hoop games. So imagine you come with a large group but bowling isn’t everyone’s favorite. No biggie. Split up. Some bowl, some play. Or suppose you want to bowl but you have to wait a bit for a lane. Crushing your friends or family in a game of table tennis passes the time easily.

Local’s bonus: If you’ve got a local ID, you can use it to play most of these games for free!

710 North Myrtle Beach, North Myrtle Beach bowling, 710 North Myrtle Beach game pit, ping pong, cornhole

What kept our family there even longer

As we were making our way to the exit my younger daughter stopped in her tracks. “Jenga! Actually, BIG Jenga!”

On the wall, opposite the wine rack, there is an impressive collection of games. There’s a good mix of traditional board games mixed with others like (big) Jenga.

710 North Myrtle Beach, North Myrtle Beach bowling, board games

In that area, there are long tables where you can set up and get to business. Our business included 36 rows and a small crowd, holding their breath right along with us with the removal of each block and its placement at the top. No joke, this game lasted nearly an hour! If we didn’t have plans later that day I would have demanded a rematch!

710 North Myrtle Beach, North Myrtle Beach bowling, Jenga

What has me dying to go back to 710 North Myrtle Beach

There’s something called the “Back Alley” at 710 North Myrtle Beach. It has six lanes of bowling and private tables. It’s an amazing place to get together a group friends, have a corporate outing, or have a family gathering. The modular furniture allows you to configure it however best suits your event. Plus, black light bowling will soon be available! This place begs you to “Be Social.” You want to be there, you want to tuck your phone away to laugh and high-five your family or friends. You don’t want to leave!

Why you want to follow 710 North Myrtle Beach on social media

No joke, there’s a special running at almost any time you want to go. I’m a sucker for a good deal, so my eyes are glued to their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. My favorite (which also makes me laugh) is the Wednesday line-up. Until 8 pm, it’s Family Day where you can get four shoe rentals, four games of bowling, and four sodas for $20. Then, at 8 pm, it’s Ladies Night where there’s free shoe rental and $3 cosmos. So here’s my plan for an upcoming Wednesday. Invite my friends and their families to come bowl with us during the Family Day hours, then have the dads take the kids home to put them to bed while I stay with my girls and take in some cosmos. Sounds pretty good, right?! For a current list of promotion, click here.

710 North Myrtle Beach, North Myrtle Beach bowling

5 things we love about 710 North Myrtle Beach

  1. The family atmosphere. Our visit started at 5 pm on a Saturday evening and there were families all around. I suspect the crowd gets a bit older as the night wears on, but unless you’re planning on having little kids there after 10 pm, you’ll be good.
  2. The food, the food, the food. My older daughter has already asked if we could go back just to eat.
  3. The skeeball machine rewards you with free games of bowling rather than 100 tickets to be redeemed for a sticker.
  4. The options beyond bowling. You can’t be bored.
  5. Our server was a pleasure. He gave us recommendations and offered suggestions with the food. He encouraged our youngest bowler, who was struggling. He chatted as much or as little as we wanted. He made our experience truly fun and saw other servers doing the same.

Ready to go? Make a reservation!

Click here to make reservations. They’re available for regular lanes, birthday parties, and Family Day. Here’s information about rates.

710 North Myrtle Beach is located at  1105 Highway 17 S. North Myrtle Beach, SC. You can give them a call at (843) 663-2695.



Note: This is a sponsored post. In exchange for an honest review with my own opinions, our family was invited to bowl and eat at 710 North Myrtle Beach free-of-charge.

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