Rip currents and heat advisories: Beach safety tips for today

Happy 4th of July, everyone! It’s our beloved country’s birthday and definitely time to celebrate. However, I’m seeing a few concerning headlines today that I want to pass along, as well as a few general beach safety tips.

First, WMBF is reporting at least 15 ocean rescues due to rip currents yesterday. I was at the beach and can attest to the ocean conditions. It was seriously windy and the waves were choppy. While the water was invitingly warm, even my two strong swimmers who have grown up in the Atlantic thought better of going out beyond their knees. While I know ocean conditions can change by the hour, be aware and cautious.

The sea is angry today, my friends. #myrtlebeach

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Here’s a great, short video on how to spot and get out of a rip current.

Second, there’s a heat advisory today. In parts of the Grand Strand temperatures, whether in actuality or via the heat index, will exceed 100 degrees. From a girl who has lived here for the last 13 years and spent most of her summers in SC growing up, that’s hot. There’s no two ways about it.

The situation is well beyond one related to sunburn. Heat exhaustion and heat stroke are no joke. Check out this article and scroll down to #6 for some quick info on the signs of these conditions and tips for avoiding them. Young children and the elderly are particularly susceptible. Shade is your BFF, as are cool drinks.

With all of that said, I want you to go out and enjoy a beautiful, fun-filled day on the beach. Just be careful!

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