You don’t earn the right to wear a bathing suit, you’re just born with it

Let’s let that title sink in for a minute, shall we? You don’t EARN the right to wear (and enjoy) a bathing suit. You are born with that right, no matter what your body looks like. No, really.

It’s bathing suit season, obviously. Should you be having issues with putting on or buying a bathing suit, hear me out.

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Please answer this question:

Do you enjoy swimming, tanning, sticking your feet in the water, or otherwise taking in a pool, lake, ocean, or backyard sunny situation?

Do you have loved ones (kids, significant other, friends) who enjoy those things and want you to join in?

Do you have a body?

Do you have access to a store that sells bathing suits, either brick and mortar or online?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions, you have the right to purchase and wear a bathing suit without shame or self-consciousness.

Here’s the thing. No matter your body shape or size the pool wants you to take a dip. It’s of no issue to the ocean if you’re young or old. The intracoastal waterway? It doesn’t give a flip if you’re wearing a one or two piece suit. The sand could not care one grain less if your tummy is flat. And 99% of the beachgoers around you don’t care either.

I’ve said it before. If you’re concerned about how you look in a bathing suit and this concern is so great that you opt out, go down to the Myrtle Beach State Park and park your chair in the sand for an hour or two. You’ll see every type of suit on every shape and age of body. And if you’re sitting there, sweating your cheeks off in jean capris, I guarantee even those who may get a raised eyebrow for choosing something less-than-flattering for their body type are still having more fun than you!

Here’s my deal. I’m overweight. But that’s MY medical issue. It has NOTHING to do with whether or not I enjoy a day at the beach with my family. Absolutely nothing.

I wrote this awhile ago and it feels like the topic is coming back year after year, but more loudly each time. Let me break it down for anyone who cares to listen. No matter how old or young you are, no matter the shape of your body or weight on the scale, you don’t EARN the right to wear a bathing suit. You’re born with it.

What the heck does that mean? It means I’m frustrated with women (though it’s men too) who are so uncomfortable with the thought of being in a bathing suit that they simply opt out.

I get it. We’re not all at our perfect weight. We’re not perfectly toned. We’re short, overweight, too tall, super skinny, have scars, freckles, stretch marks…whatever. EVERYONE has something they dislike about their body. Me 100% included. None of those things disqualify me from wearing and enjoying time in a bathing suit.

Want inspiration? Check out this awesome slide show that will have you cheering. Need more? Read about my favorite author, Jennifer Weiner, and her crusade to tackle body shaming last year. And if you still need more convincing, just trust me. I wouldn’t steer your wrong. You’re worthy of wearing a bathing suit just as you are. If anyone gives you a problem, have them come talk to me. I’ll set them straight.


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