My Myrtle Beach Favorite: Salad

This dish has been a longstanding favorite in our family. Available at California Dreaming, just south of 544 on Highway 501 in Surfside Beach, the California Dreaming Salad is what good dreams are made of. I’ve had it no less than 10 times and I’m working on another 10.

The first word that comes to mind is fresh. This salad’s foundation doesn’t start with prepped, bagged lettuce. While I’ve never been in the kitchen while it’s being prepared, but judging by how it tastes, it’s all hand cut.

In the salad is topped with tomatoes, onion, shaved turkey and ham, amazing cheddar cheese, and my favorite, sliced almonds. As you’d imagine, you can have it topped with any variety of dressings, but there are two standouts.

The first is the ranch. It’s homemade and filled with fresh chopped garlic. Oh. My. Gosh. The only downside is anyone’s desire to be near you for the next day or so. There’s a remedy, though. Have whomever you’re dining with eat it too. You cancel each other out and smoochability is quickly restored.

My absolute favorite salad dressing on the entire Grand Strand is my standard order with the California Dreaming Salad – the Warm Bacon Honey Mustard House dressing. It’s made in-house and is exactly as it’s described. Even better, the plating of this salad involved the dressing on the bottom, so as you mix, the coating is even. Deeeeelish!

Have a salad in the Grand Strand you absolutely love? One you order over and over again? Let me know where and I’ll try it out!

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