Medieval Times Myrtle Beach – Amazing New Show

Disclosure: While all opinions and descriptions are my own, my family and I were invited guests of Medieval Times Myrtle Beach Castle to experience the show and provide a review in exchange for admission.

Medieval Times has been a headliner in Myrtle Beach entertainment since 1995 and it never disappoints. I’ve had the opportunity to attend once before several years ago and while some parts of the show were equally entertaining, many others were so much better! Let me explain.

Medieval Times Myrtle Beach – A Whole New Show!

In previous years, a king presided over the kingdom. Sadly he’s passed on and the heir to the throne was a daughter. Now, there’s a queen! A strong queen, who uses her power for good and rules with fairness and mercy. Why the change? Show attendee feedback and I love it! My daughters who joined me are teens and girl power is a real thing in their lives. Women in leadership roles are important for everyone to see and experience.

Beyond a strong female leader, the show got a major overhaul with a phenomenal new musical score, and brilliant new costumes including suits of armor, shields, and helmets. We got a very cool backstage tour which included a view of the costume racks. Impressive!

Backstage with the Queen

During our tour, our next step was to meet Queen Maria Isabella. A beautiful queen who was both gracious and full of information for us. She was showed us around the barns that house Medieval Times’ 25 horses who all live and train on the property.

Each stall is complete with a memory foam mattress and fan. You have to admit that this guy looked pretty chill. And I have to totally admit that I was 100% fangirling. I’ve been an equestrienne since I was young. My love of horses and horsemanship runs deep. My dad, though never trained, was one of the best horseman I’ve ever known. He passed away several years ago and I know he would have loved to be on this backstage tour with us.

Perhaps one of the coolest view we got was over the staging area. Our visit to the barn was while a show was going on. Here we were able to see the knights and other cast, mid-performance. To be totally honest, I likely would have a better appreciation for this area AFTER seeing the show because there are SO MANY acts. So. Very. Many! There are zero slow moments.

We only watched for several minutes, buts I can only imagine how busy this spot is throughout the course of the show. Yet, everyone made it look relaxed and easy. These folks and animals are pros.

Queen Maria Isabella has her own horse and she told us about the bond they have. In fact, she talked about how all of the riding performers have a similar relationship with their horses. “They’re like big dogs! My horse loves attention and to play!”

Watching the Show

Our final stop on the tour was the actual arena. We were seated on the lower level with the Queen at our right. We had a close-up view of where the performers come in and out of the arena. We were members of the mighty Green team.

Medieval Times Myrtle Beach Food

The price of admission comes with a full four-course meal that’s delivered to your table. Our food was seriously delicious.

Medieval Times Myrtle Beach

As in real medieval times, there are no utensils. I won’t lie, I could have used an extra napkin or ten! Kidding – our server took excellent care of us, including providing as many napkins as necessary.

Here’s what you need to know about the food and beverage situation.

1) HUGE portions. You start with tomato soup, move on to HALF a roasted chicken, potato, corn, and garlic bread, then finish with dessert. You will NOT leave hungry. And if you can’t finish it, they’ll send you home with a carryout box. Nice!

2) There are vegetarian options. When we were seated our server asked about any dietary restrictions and if we preferred a vegetarian option. During our backstage tour, we were able to tour the kitchen, which can prepare up to 4000 meals daily, and they can accommodate you. Just talk to your server.

3) Drinks are included with the meal, but you can purchase adult beverages and have them brought to your seat throughout the show. Show pictures and flags to support your team are also for purchase at your table throughout the show.

Medieval Times Myrtle Beach Performers

I mentioned it before, but the colors, costumes, lighting, musical score, and performers are phenomenal. Everyone from your toddler to grandma will enjoy it. There isn’t a boring moment.

The first time I saw the show I was nervous. In many scenes there’s fighting with swords, jousting, and tactical hand-to-hand maneuvers. I’m a peaceful person, ya’ll. I was worried for the performers’ safety and those in the audience. When a sword splinters upon impact, it’s no joke. But here’s the deal. It’s all very theatrical, happens in the middle of the area, and during the battles nets are drawn down to protect the audience.

And while the jousting and fight scenes are exciting, they’re only a small portion of the show. There are games and absolutely beautiful displays of horsemanship. The connection between the animals and riders is apparent.

We can’t recommend this show enough. If you’ve been before this year, visit again. The changes in the story line and characters make it worth the repeat trip. We left wanting more!

Learn More about Medieval Times Myrtle Beach Castle

To learn more about the castle, show times, and to purchase tickets, visit the Medieval Times Myrtle Beach Castle website. To keep up with all that’s going on at the castle and with the performers, like them on Facebook, follow them on TwitterInstagram, and Pinterest.

Thank you to Medieval Times for hosting us. We’ll treasure the memories and know your family will, as well.

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