Christmas at Pirates Voyage is a Holiday Hit!

The holidays are officially upon us in the Grand Strand and I couldn’t be happier. Whether you’re a local or visiting the Myrtle Beach area, there’s no shortage of things to do to celebrate the season!

My family and I were invited to see Christmas at Pirates Voyage and enjoy their holiday show in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own.

First and foremost, the website is a wealth of information about the entertainment, food, and tickets. If you’re even remotely interested in seeing the show, check it out.

The Pre-Show

The night we saw the show, it started at 6:00 PM, but they told me to come about an hour early. I assumed it was to chat about the show and take some pictures. Not at all! There’s a fantastic and FUN pre-show with singing pirates, a sea lion, and acts galore! Trust me, you don’t want to miss it!

In the seating area for the pre-show you can order drinks from the bar, get popcorn, and even take a wander around the gift shop. In fact, should you want to take home a stuff version of one of the stars of the show, you can get yourself one of these. In fact, they come in a variety of sizes!

One of our favorite acts was this pirate balancing on giant rolling pins. I was impressed enough when he was able to stand up on one. I about lost my mind when he did it on two. But when his tower got higher and higher, it was NUTS! It’s all real and the talent is through the roof!

The Show

When I talk to folks thinking of attending Pirates Voyage, the most frequently asked question is “What ages will enjoy the show? Is it a good choice for little ones?” The answers are any age and absolutely!

Joining me were my mother and two teen daughters. While they weren’t with me, we have young children in our family ranging in age from 8 to 3-months old. I’ve often wondered, myself, how they’d do. After seeing the show, however, I know they would love it!

Once you enter Buccaneer Bay, the show was about 90 minutes and it moved fast! There were zero slow parts. It’s act after act with a story driving the sequence. There are divers and zip lines. Lively music, sword fights, fire, juggling, acrobatics, dancing…it has something for EVERYONE! Some of it is quite thrilling! These guys below had me on the edge of my seat!

My favorite parts included the animals. Camels, a donkey, dogs, birds, they were all fantastic! If you want a close-up view, get seats on the lower level. The sea lions, for example, will pass right in front of you! If you’re nervous about getting too close, choose a higher seat.

The Food

Dinner was served and it was delicious! I was impressed when our server asked if we had any food allergies or dietary restrictions. I was also impressed when the food came out fast and hot. The portion were huge AND they’ll gladly wrap up anything you don’t finish for you to take home. You can see the full menu here.

The Touches of Christmas

Truly, from the moment you approach the Pirates Voyage property, you feel the Christmas spirit. The theming is beautiful! From decorations to music, there’s no doubt it’s the holidays! There’s even a beautiful living nativity complete with animals.

We had a truly wonderful time seeing the Christmas at Pirates Voyage show and it’s sure to be a holiday favorite of yours, as well! To learn more, visit their site, but don’t wait! The show is only around until January 5th with two shows a day during the busiest time of the holiday season. You can get tickets here.

The four of us left the show smiling, chattering about how great it was, and how we’d definitely go again. So family with the little kids, listen up. You need to come visit so we can do exactly that!

Thank you to Pirates Voyage for hosting us. We had a wonderful time and can’t wait to return! Performers and animals, you’re incredibly talented. The Myrtle Beach Area is so fortunate to have such high-quality entertainment!

With so many choices in holiday shows to see, Christmas at Pirates Voyage is at the top of my list!

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