About me

My name is Melissa and this site is a one-woman show, written locally and with much love for the greater Grand Strand. I used to have a dream of this site being funded by advertisers and a profitable venture, but the longer I do it, the more I realize it’s my beloved community service project. You may see an occasional giveaway or promotion for products/services/business I genuinely love and interact with, but what you won’t see are banner ads, “click on me” campaigns,  random Google promotions on the side rail, or anything else. My content is not guided by financial opportunity.

I’m always ecstatic to hear about an upcoming event at your business, organization, community, or school.  Email me the details, and I’ll gladly give you some promotional love.

Do you know of a good deal somewhere and want to share the savings?  I’ll post that too, moments after I snag it for myself.  :-p  Did you find a gem of a restaurant or attraction?  Tell me about it.

This site was conceived by my own desire to know what’s going on around our great area and having fun with my family.  This is an awesome place to raise my children and for others to vacation.  I want to share all it has to offer us.

Thank you for reading.  I’m humbled by the support I’ve received and that keeps me motivated to continue making this site even better!

For those looking for a freelance writing and editing professional, good news. You’ve found her. For more writing samples, have a look at my contributions to the best and most popular parenting blogs on the planet, the BabyCenter blog. I’ve also had the pleasure of writing and editing for other fantastic sites including KidsCanGiveToo.com and AOL Travel. I’d love to talk to you about your project.

If you’d like to contact me, email myrtlebeachforfamilies@gmail.com.

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