You don’t earn the right to wear a bathing suit, you’re just born with it

Let's let that title sink in for a minute, shall we? You don't EARN the right to wear (and enjoy) a bathing suit. You are born with that right, no matter what your body looks like. No, really. It's … [Read more...]

3 tips for seeing fireworks with scared little ones

Parents with little ones in Myrtle Beach for the 4th of July, listen up! If you're planning to see fireworks but have someone in your family who's afraid, here are a few tips that saved me when … [Read more...]

Hurricane Matthew update from Myrtle Beach – and it’s confusing.

Let me give you some backstory. On Tuesday we all knew that Hurricane Matthew was a possibility for the Grand Strand and the chatter among Myrtle Beach moms started on Facebook. "I'll bet there will … [Read more...]

5 beach reads worthy of neglecting your family (kidding!)

I've got a stack of beach reads ready to be devoured during the remaining weeks of summer. Here are my top five books that will make you laugh, cry, and neglect your children. Important safety … [Read more...]

Thinking of starting a business? Here’s one local mom’s story of using disappointment for development and creating something cool

This article appears in the April 2015 issue of Parent News. How much money have you spent on toys for the kids that ended up being a huge disappointment? Maybe I was delusional as a kid, but it … [Read more...]

7 things you can do to shake off the cold and get ready for summer now

This article was written for and can be found in the March 2014 issue of Parent News magazine. Find it here!  On one hand it feels like this school year has been never ending and on the other, I … [Read more...]

Join me at 3 pm today on Twitter for a FlipKey Weekend Getaway chat!

Are you thinking of getting away for the weekend? Or are you planning a Myrtle Beach vacation? Join me, along with the great folks at FlipKey and several other very talented bloggers from places like … [Read more...]

Holiday giving that has nothing to do with wrapping paper and ribbon

This post originally appeared in the December 2014 issue of Parent News. Find it here! There are two mason jars on my kitchen counter. In one there are colored slips of paper. The other holds … [Read more...]

Last-minute stocking stuffer ideas for ages newborn through 8

I'm a blogger over at BabyCenter and pulled together a few posts I did over the past week filled with stocking stuffer ideas for all ages! I couldn't resist sharing them with you. Check them … [Read more...]

Looking at old photos makes you realize how fast time flies

This article appears in the September 2014 issue of Parent News. Earlier this evening I logged into a blog I was writing several years back, but long since abandoned. I’ve always been a little … [Read more...]

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