Get in on the fit family fun at the Color Vibe 5K THIS Saturday (WIN!)

I've written about my 5K adventures in the past and now there's something new to try. It's always been about the big time clock for me. Did I run faster than my last race? Did I run more minutes? Was … [Read more...]

4 seasonal things to do this weekend plus Mockingjay and dinosaurs

Baby, it’s COLD outside! It’s not just us in Myrtle Beach - did you know all 50 states experienced 32 degrees or lower temps this week? It’s time to start celebrating Christmas this weekend with a few … [Read more...]

Ready for your first (or just a faster) 5K? There’s a class for that!

I've had the best experiences doing the Grand Strand Running Club's 5K training classes! Whether you're an experience runner trying to run the race just a bit faster or a walker who hasn't run a step … [Read more...]

The Grand Strand Running Club’s fabulous 5K training program is back in January

Come on. Everyone's doing it! Seriously, doesn't it seem like almost every person you ever met and keep up with on Facebook is posting about their upcoming 5K, weekly updates on their training runs, … [Read more...]

Day 8: A success

Truth be told, I'm thankful for every success, because so many of them depended on the support of others. A recent example is running. Last January I started a 5K training class. I'm sure why, … [Read more...]

Doesn’t it seem like everyone is running 5Ks? They are and now you can too!

Every year my kids go back to school and I make a deal with myself to get in better shape, whether that means losing weight or exercising more. This year is no different except I haven't really … [Read more...]

Wicked Hot Run 5K Walk/Run and free fitness class

Are you looking for something active to do with your family to squeeze everything you can out of the last drops of summer? Presented by Wicked Fitness, the Wicked Hot Run 5k Walk/Run, on Saturday, … [Read more...]

My first steps to becoming a runner

If you've followed this blog for any length of time, you've seen me write about the Grand Strand Running Club and their 5K training classes. I've done two and I feel like I need to purge a little. If … [Read more...]

Top 5 reasons why you should do the Grand Strand Running Club 5K class with me

Need convincing? Read on. 5. You'll increase your fitness. No one can argue that's not a good use of time. 4. You'll have tons of support - both from other participants and excellent … [Read more...]

Join me for another Grand Strand Running Club 5K training class

In December I wrote about the Grand Strand Running Club 5K training class. I don't know what possessed me but I signed up and am running my first race this weekend. It's been an experience that took … [Read more...]

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