Ready to send your baby off to kindergarten, Mom? It’s registration time!

Update: A new class of pre-K, kindergarten and (new) first grade students is getting ready for their first day in the big school! Registration in Horry County is next week, March 18 - 22, 2013. See my … [Read more...]

Local’s tip: (Sun)glasses and the sea

A few years ago I was in Lenscrafters at Coastal Grand Mall and person after person came in, telling a story of losing their glasses in the ocean.  I smirked.  The easy solution here is not to wear … [Read more...]

Locals tip: 4th of July fireworks without the craziness

I've been to several of the fantastic, professional fireworks displays around the Grand Strand and they're all amazing...with a few exceptions.  The crowds, the traffic, and the close proximity, which … [Read more...]

Locals tip: Sand in your car

Every now and then I am reminded of something that every local should know.  This past weekend presented me with a favorite. Don't bother vacuuming your car out between April and October.  No matter … [Read more...]

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