Top 5 reasons why you should do the Grand Strand Running Club 5K class with me

Need convincing? Read on. 5. You'll increase your fitness. No one can argue that's not a good use of time. 4. You'll have tons of support - both from other participants and excellent … [Read more...]

Ready to send your baby off to kindergarten, Mom? It’s registration time!

Update: A new class of pre-K, kindergarten and (new) first grade students is getting ready for their first day in the big school! Registration in Horry County is next week, March 18 - 22, 2013. See my … [Read more...]

Join me for another Grand Strand Running Club 5K training class

In December I wrote about the Grand Strand Running Club 5K training class. I don't know what possessed me but I signed up and am running my first race this weekend. It's been an experience that took … [Read more...]

How the locals feel about “Welcome to Myrtle Manor” (Update: Reaction to the show)

Check out the January 2014 post about Welcome to Myrtle Manor and Party Down South. Spoiler alerts: They're filmed in the Grand Strand but that's about all that's real about … [Read more...]

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