Finding Black Friday bargains throughout the Grand Strand!

For the first time ever, I'm heading out on Black Friday. There is one particular item I want from Bass Pro Shop, of all places. While I'm out, I'm totally hitting Old Navy and a few other spots. If … [Read more...]

Christmas Towne on Sunday, December 1st

On Sunday, December 1st, the Myrtle Beach Convention Center will be transformed into a Christmas wonderland! There will be balloon art, face painting, free photos with Santa and Mrs. Claus, and a … [Read more...]

Don’t forget Small Business Saturday in your weekend shopping

Man, we have some fantastic small businesses in this area. I do my best to patronize them as often as possible. They range from eateries to artisans. This coming Saturday, November 30th, is Small … [Read more...]

Your speedy crawler could win you prizes, enter today!

Do you have a baby who is in one place one second and across the house the next? Does he leave skid marks on the hardwood floor from crawling so fast? Does she have you chasing her all day long? Well … [Read more...]

Days 20 and 21: A project and dessert

I got behind...nothing new. :-) On Day 20 I'm supposed to ponder thanks for a project I did. I think I got hung up because I couldn't come up with anything good. I'm *thee* least crafty person I … [Read more...]

Who knew it was called Goat Island?

Have you ever seen the goats on the island in the center of the Murrells Island Marshwalk? They've been a staple for each trip we've made out there since we moved here more than 10 years ago. They're … [Read more...]

Day 19: A trip

I've told this story a million times because the question about whether or not to take your child out of school for a vacation (most frequently, a Disney trip). I did so when my older child was in … [Read more...]

Day 18: A daily indulgence via Carrie Bradshaw

This one is easy. For the past million years I've worked from home. Okay, so maybe it's more like the last 15 years. Regardless, I've learned two things. Procrastination is really easy and working … [Read more...]

Day 17: I’m thankful for health (and Jen)

I have a beautiful friend, Jen, who has brain cancer. She's my age, has three amazing little boys, a completely handsome husband, and two tumors in her head. She named them because she's sassy like … [Read more...]

Day 16: A shining moment

Before anyone rolls their eyes at this post, let me disclaim it by saying I know it's irrational to list this as a shining moment, but when I saw the topic, it was the first thing that came to … [Read more...]

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