Guest blogger opportunities

I would positively love to hear from other families that live in or recently visited the Grand Strand.  If you’d like to submit a review or post for possible publishing on, I’m all ears (eyes).

I ask that you:

  • submit only original material,
  • be fair in your review,
  • do not violate anyone’s privacy by revealing personal information about those who you liked or did not like, and
  • are not compensated by the experience you’re reviewing.

I reserve the right to publish or not publish anything submitted.  Please note that if you submit a post, all I can give you is my thanks in return.  This is a non-compensated gig, though I do appreciate your time and willingness to share.  I’m sure other readers do, as well.

If your post or review is published, I promise to respect your privacy.  I will not reveal any personally identifying information about you including the combination of your first and last name, email address, etc.  If you’re concerned about protecting your privacy, call yourself “Deb, from Pittsburgh” or whatever makes you happy.

If you have your own blog/site, I’m happy to give you full attribution.  Guest bloggers make me happy.

In your review, please include the name of the establishment, when you visited, and the demographics of those joining you (i.e. my family, which includes two adults, twin 9-year-olds and an 18-month old).

Please send all reviews to

Thanks for your consideration.  I look forward to reading!

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